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First Sun Management (FSMC) is seeking management candidates as well as crew members who have a passion for the restaurant business. We seek individuals who are looking for a long term career, not just a short term job. The FSMC selection process is designed to identify proven winners who are dedicated to growth; personal, professional and company.

After an applicant has expressed interest in FSMC and has been pre-screened, he/she will go through a “two interview” process. The first interview will be to determine the candidate’s qualifications and his/her ability to work in a restaurant environment. The second interview will be with a District Manager or an Area Director.

Upon successful completion of the background check process, the candidate is made a formal job offer. FSMC matches a candidate’s experience and qualifications, and determines the management level and salary range he/she may be offered.

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Listed below are discriptions of job opportunitites FSMC offers. Click on a job to read the responsibilities required.

Crew Member open
These are the members of our team who are trained to prepare and serve quality Wendy’s products. Their enthusiasm and speed of service play an important role in the overall success of Wendy’s.
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Shift Supervisors open
These team members are responsible for assisting the management team in running the day-to-day operation of the unit. This is the first career step for Crew Members. In this position, they are trained and groomed in supervisory skills so they may assist the management team in achieving high levels of quality, service, and cleanliness through proper crew training and motivation.
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Assistant Manager open
These team members have the responsibility of operating a quality shift. The ability to serve a high quality product quickly in a clean, friendly atmosphere is essential during this stage. The Assistant Manager develops an understanding of financial business controls, motivating techniques, and crewmember interviewing procedures. This individual continues to strengthen management and administrative skills necessary for promotion.
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Co Manager open
This person must continue to demonstrate his/her skills in managing a strong positive customer experience through the delivery of good quality, service and cleanliness. In addition, the CO Manager has a complete understanding of the Profit and Loss statement. The CO Manager must demonstrate the ability to set priorities and achieve store goals. This individual is responsible for crew scheduling, crew member interviewing, and assists in the development of the Assistant Manager, Shift Supervisor, and Crew Members.
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General Manager open
A General Manager has accountability for one Wendy’s restaurant. This individual is charged with the development of his/her Co-Manager and Assistant Manager and readying them for promotion. The General Manager is responsible for operating a high quality restaurant and ensuring each and every customer is fully satisfied. They are responsible for executing financial controls, and actively participating in community affairs.
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District Manager open
These individuals are responsible for five to eight Wendy’s units. The key effort of this position is to coordinate the activities and develop the professional abilities of unit management people. The District Manager ensures that all business controls are enforced including financial controls, policies and procedures as well as those controls to ensure the customer receives a positive dining experience. They represent the company in community affairs and participate in many of the Area Director’s responsibilities.
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